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Your not just buying a


your helping




We are a brand new non-profit (501C3) organization.

Our mission is to simple: "To relieve suffering in the world!"

We hope you will take the time to browse our website to discover our heart, our mission and our vision!

Across the globe...

We can make a differnece in the world when we come together with a commonality of purpose and heart and faith. There's no stopping the human spirit from doing and accomplaishing great things, escpecially when it's for the good of the human kind and when we are untied together in Christ Jesus our Lord! Our goal is be reaching evrery world area around the globe! Reaching all 7 continents!




... and even right at home.

While we are busy and hard at work bringing great change to the world let us not forget our duty to change our communtiies as well. Changing lives in our very own backyard can stil have a profound effect on the world at large. It was said that Jesus Himself mostly remained within about a 50 miles radius of the Galilean area where he grew up and yet He changed the world so much that even over 2000 years we are still changed by His work!

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